Translation Tweets

If you try this url:, you will see that each time that you refresh it you will get a random translation, in a format suitable for twitting. This can be used in combination with cli twitter clients and with cron to post periodically random tweets about translations. See this script as an example:

Embed Q-Translate Inside a Webpage

Q-Translate is responsive, which means that it is designed to look nice on small screens as well, usually on mobiles. But it also looks nice inside an iFrame as well, so it can easily be embedded inside another webpage.
It can be done by using an url like this as the src of an <iframe> tag:

Here is a quick example to demonstrate this. Simply copy and paste this code inside a webpage:

Exporting and Importing Translations

Anyone can export translations from the dashboard of a language. By default the most liked translations are exported, however it is possible to export only the translations that you like. Alternatively, you can choose to export only the translations that are endorsed/supported/liked by people that you trust. The exported file contains each translated verse on a separate line, preceded by the chapter and verse numbers.